2021 Officers

Nominations and Elections for 2022 Board of Directors have been postponed due to extenuating circumstances. For anyone wanting to run for office, please contact the society through our contact page so that we can reply promptly. Thank you.

2021 Elected Board of Directors.

-President: Chris Picou: chrisp@gmsofla.org

-Vice President: Liz Burford: lizb@gmsofla.org

-Secretary: Terry Leblanc: terryl@gmsofla.org

-Treasurer: Brenda Reily: brendar@gmsofla.org

-Director Elect: Jan Burrows: janb@gmsofla.org

-Director Elect: Al Broussard: albroussard@gmsofla.org

-Director Elect: Dave Cope: davec@gmsofla.org

-Show Chair: Levette Carlos: levettec@gmsofla.org

-FRA Chair: Chris Picou: fra@gmsofla.org

We are here for the Society. Please don't hesitate to contact should anyone have ideas, inquiries or assistance with joining our monthly meetings. Thank you.